Sword Fights

by Train Park

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released September 3, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Di Falco. William Green took the photo on the tape and inspired.



all rights reserved


Train Park West Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Yoyo Diaries
And I'm always, talking to people,
about shit they already know.
And I still haven't, quite figured out
What to do with my hands when I'm standing, in a crowd at a show.

I'm in love
and its with someone, who doesn't even know that i exist.

And I'm always trying to find someone like me,
then I find them and I push them away.
I told myself in January I was going to get on with my life
but I have to keep reminding myself of that, everyday.

I don't hate myself.
It just feels like there is noone.
Who can help me.

And people always ask me, Jerry why you moving
it's not like you've been here long.
And I say well all of my good friends have already moved on.
The ones that haven't are stuck at the bottom of a bong.

And I've got cuts on my feet.
Blisters on my fingers.
I've got nothing to die for.
But at least I can sing this to you.

I'm shouting tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow it's stuck in my head.
And I wake up every single day in a world that feels already dead.

I'm shouting tomorrow
And I'm screaming tomorrow.
Track Name: Plan Well Done
I think I know now, I think that I know now.
That my biggest fear is lying here.
I think it shows know, I think that it, shows now.
That my biggest fear is lying here.

And this, is all, going exactly as I planned.
But this, small world, is slipping right through my hand.

I'll be forgiven soon.
It's cold.
I'll be forgiven soon.
But I'm drunk.
I'll be forgiven soon.
I'll be forgiven soon.
Track Name: Zara Is Mad
She's mad as hell.
I don't even know why.
She slammed the basement door.

This is, Exactly what I expected, from you.

And your reason for everything.
Is in the hope that you'll believe.
And my need for your attention
Is in the fear you'll abandon me.
Track Name: Congratulations
You study me backwards, like your looking at someone else.
You clasp on to my arms, like your holding on to your health
Then you realise you put this on yourself
And you've got no money to get out of here.

I want it all
I want it all
I want it all
I want it all in the world.

You want it all
You want it all
You want it all
You want it all to yourself.

We could be happy
We could be free
Set a course for the east
And we'll sail out to sea.

These lions will chase us
Right to the shores
Our hearts will carry
The sound of their roars.

But this is nothing like the movies.

And all I wanted to know, was what was on your mind.
Track Name: Cement Posse
It's rotten!

And we, we played in school, in high school.
And all the teachers were jerks, Mr Maxwell was the worst.
Now we'll never see, each others faces, again.
For another four years my friend.

I was a boy that had no clue
About those girls across the road
And, now it's three years later on and it's still the same.

I walked to the bus in the sunshine and the rain.
If I had to get asked to get my shirt tucked in again I thought I'd go insane.
Didn't think that I would miss this.
But I guess I was definitely the coolest kid in school.

And you said, you'd be around
for 4 more years.
But I guess we'll find out where we are
And I'll find out where i am.

I'm on my own.

I run real slowly
I run real slowly
I run real slowly
Sometimes I don't, run at all.

I, I don't know. I just don't know what I'm going to do.